ULD’s past

[gn_column size=”2-3″ last=”1″ style=”0″] The conference marks the 10th anniversary of annual Urban and Landscape Days (ULD), a venue for wide-ranging and inter-disciplinary interrogation of ‘the urban’. The previous conferences, traditionally organized by organized by Faculty of Architecture, Estonian Academy of Arts, were the following:

ULD IX, 2012 (Shaping city regions)
ULD VIII, 2011 (Incidental urbanism)
ULD VII, 2010 (Social street)
ULD VI, 2009 (TIMEWIDE: Thinking the city in deep scale)
ULD V, 2008 (Changing ahead of time: Toolkit of urban activism)
ULD IV, 2007 (Research and activism)
ULD III, 2006
ULD II, 2005
ULD I, 2004